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Oral Health

Our emphasis at Upper Denby Dental Care is on prevention of disease. Each examination includes full examination of the teeth, gums and oral tissues. This enables us to diagnose, monitor, treat and prevent tooth decay and gum disease, while screening for other dental pathology, including oral cancer.

These checks are increasingly important as there is mounting evidence linking oral health with general health.


We also offer cosmetic treatments, including tooth whitening, veneers and crowns. Again, the most appropriate treatment options can be discussed.

  • Top Ten Ways In Which We Can Improve Your Dental And Overall Health >

    1.   Do you feel a visit to the dentist does not give you the care you would like? At Upper Denby Dental Care your initial

    visit gives us enough time to examine your teeth, gums, the way you bite and to take necessary x-rays. We then have the chance to discuss the treatment options which will be beneficial to you and consider timescale and cost.

    2.   Are you afraid of the dentist and hate having needles? Our trained, friendly staff are on hand to offer support

    throughout your visit. Topical anaesthetic is used routinely, resulting in pain-free injections.

    3.   Do your gums bleed on brushing? Or do you ever have a bad taste in your mouth and suspect you have bad breath?

    Our modern periodontal treatments can ensure trouble–free, healthy gums. Regular hygiene visits can be arranged usually at 2, 3, 4, or 6 month intervals as appropriate.

    4.   Toothache is a painful and debilitating condition. Emergency appointments are available even for unregistered

    patients, during which the pain can be cured using the most appropriate treatment.

    5.   Are your teeth sensitive to cold? There are different reasons for sensitivity and these can be explored.

    6.   Preventative treatment and minimally invasive dentistry are used here at all times. Differing aspects of preventative

    care are appropriate at different times of life. The most appropriate options for you can be discussed.

    7.   If you play contact sport, we can provide you with a custom-made mouth guard to protect your teeth.

    8.   Custom-made anti snoring devices are also available.

    9.   For the children, instilling good habits and a preventative regime is of paramount importance. With a friendly, caring

    approach we can build up trust and rapport with your child resulting in a healthy dentition for life.

    10. We all suffer symptoms of stress. We can reduce jaw aches and tension pains using mouth guards and splints.


  • Top Ten Ways In Which We Can Improve Your Dental Appearance >

    1.   If you think your teeth are too dark or discoloured, we can lighten them. This treatment is done at home,

    it is pain free and can produce amazing effects.

    2.   Do you have one tooth which is much darker than the others (usually after having suffered a blow)?

    We can lighten this single tooth using bleaching methods.

    3.   Unsightly misshapen teeth can be disguised to make them blend in with your teeth using veneers.

    4.   Do you have old crowns on your front teeth which do not match your other teeth? We can replace them using

    natural-looking metal-free crowns.

    5.   Old or stained fillings which are visible when you smile can be replaced using tooth coloured restorations.

    6.   Old silver/black amalgam may become unsightly. We can replace them using tooth-coloured restorations – fillings,

    inlays and crowns.

    7.   Beautiful, natural looking dentures can be made, using a photo of your own natural teeth if desired. Comfortable

    yet worn dentures can be copied so as to keep the comfortable aspects, but change the worn out teeth and improve the appearance.

    8.   Teeth stained with food stuffs (tea, coffee, wine) can be regularly polished.

    9.   Missing teeth may not only spoil your smile but also nearby teeth may tip or overgrow. We can replace them using

    dentures or bridges.

    10. For the children, the position of their teeth and their eruption patterns should be constantly monitored. For some

    malocclusions braces can be provided – otherwise prompt referral to the orthodontist can be made.

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